ScopeSync v0.4b Black Dwarf Released


This release adds the Parameter Preset Manager for setting up and maintaining Parameter Presets, as well as Style Overrides to allow widget look and feel to be overridden on a per-Configuration basis. It also includes the new File Library, supporting Configuration Chooser and Layout Chooser windows.

This is the first release that can be installed using a standard Windows installer program. It also includes a large set of Template Layouts and associated Configurations to help get up and running quickly.

Key Feature Enhancements

  • Parameter Presets – see screenshots below
  • Style Overrides – see screenshots below
  • Widget Templates – enhancement to Layout XML to allow widget templates to be defined and applied to specific widget instances
  • Installer application – handles installation of the main components and templates, as well as plugin files
  • Template Layouts – 25 standard format Layouts, all supporting Style Overrides with over 45 custom encoder styles (see screenshot below)
  • Template Configurations – standard Configurations designed as starting points for use with Template Layouts
  • Control Panel buttons and keyboard shortcuts – all standard features in the Control Panel can now be controlled via keyboard shortcuts. Includes Edit Toolbar (displayed at bottom-left of Control Panel)
  • Add New Configuration – ability to create a new Configuration from scratch
  • About Page – Linked from ScopeSync logo in Control Panel header. Shows credits, module version information and link to website
  • Component Name support in layouts
  • New standardcontent element in Layout XML, to allow including of repeated content, like the ScopeSync header
  • Support for module versioning, in case of backward compatibility issues in the future
  • Improved display of System Errors on Configuration/Layout load issues
  • Lots of minor interface improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Load Configuration file browser opens twice – no longer relevant with the new Configuration Chooser
  • Reloading of modified configurations doesn’t work – now Reload does reload from file, with warning that unsaved changes will be lost
  • Ableton doesn’t auto-add Button into Automation list
  • Parameter recall on load in Ableton
  • Discrete parameters weren’t sending the correct Scope values if not in sequence
  • Certain parameter values were being rounded if large integers
  • Control Panel not focused on load
  • ComboBox LookAndFeel not applied correctly
  • TabbedComponents incorrectly responding to parameter changes


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