ScopeSync v0.3b Blue Dwarf Released


This release adds the Configuration Manager, a GUI editor for ScopeSync Configuration files (see screenshots below). Mapping and Parameter settings accessible via right-click menus on Control Panel widgets or through the full Configuration Manager Window. Includes Undo/Redo functionality and Keyboard shortcuts!

Key Feature Enhancements

  • Configuration Manager Window and right-click popup menus
  • Added mappingparent element to layout XML to allow parameter mapping of related widgets to be grouped
  • Ability to display different parameter information on Labels
  • Support for different operation modes for Inc/Dec Button Sliders
  • Enhanced User Settings Window, which refreshes all Control Panels on close
  • Support for URL linking from TextButtons
  • Support for Momentary Toggle buttons
  • Unload Configuration button in SS128A BC Module Popup
  • Colour support in layouts for Tooltips and BubbleComponents
  • New User Settings and layout defaults for Show/Hide Tooltips and Tooltip delay
  • Improvements to the handling of system errors (e.g. when loading an invalid or missing Configuration)
  • Improved Parameter display in VST hosts (fixed decimal places)

Bug Fixes

  • Tooltips now appear on LinearBar Sliders
  • All settings now stored in SS128A presets


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