01/12/14 – ScopeSync v0.4.2b Black Dwarf Patch 2 Released

A few final bug fixes and minor tweaks for first public beta …Read More

18/11/14 – ScopeSync v0.4.1b Black Dwarf Patch 1 Released

Bug fixes and minor tweaks following closed beta group testing of Black Dwarf release …Read More

09/11/14 – ScopeSync v0.4b Black Dwarf Released

This release adds the Parameter Preset Manager for setting up and maintaining Parameter Presets, as well as Style Overrides to allow widget look and feel to be overridden on a per-Configuration basis. It also includes the new File Library, supporting Configuration Chooser and Layout Chooser windows. …Read More

08/10/14 – ScopeSync v0.3b Blue Dwarf Released

This release adds the Configuration Manager, a GUI editor for ScopeSync Configuration files (see screenshots below). Mapping and Parameter settings accessible via right-click menus on Control Panel widgets or through the full Configuration Manager Window. Includes Undo/Redo functionality and Keyboard shortcuts! …Read More

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